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Easter date in year 1998

How is the Date of Easter Determined?

Under the proposal, Easter would be defined as the first Sunday following the first astronomical full moon following the astronomical vernal equinox, as determined from the meridian of Jerusalem.[2] The phrase "the first full moon after the equinox" is taken exactly: they each are instantaneous astronomical events; if the full moon occurs after the equinox, it is the Paschal full moon, even. The reform would have been implemented starting in, the first year in which the Eastern and Western dates of Easter would coincide after this method was proposed in Tables showing the date of easter in every year of the 20th century, and which years have Easter on particular dates, with links to tables for other centuries. People in those countries may not have celebrated Easter on the dates given here! Dates of Easter Sunday, By Year. April 7th, March 30th, April 12th, April 3rd, April 23rd, April 15th,

United States April – Customized Calendar with American holidays. Monthly calendar for the month April in year Calendars Apr 12, Easter Sunday. Easter Sunday Date in Year Date of Easter Sunday: January 2, Date of Easter Monday: January 3, Easter dates for other years: «, Below the list is an Easter Sunday date calculator for any year from to ! 12 April, 23 March, 1 April, 16 April, 25 April

Easter Sunday 1998, 1999 and onwards

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