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Dating advice for nice guys

Christian Dating Advice: "Choose The Nice Guy!"

A guy who, when he dates them, takes them places and takes care of things his way, who stands up for who he is and will debate her on topics if he doesn't agree with her. You want to be a man who leads, a man who decides if he wants to pursue the relationship or not, not a nice guy who tries to conform to her wants every which way and puts himself in the beggar's role.

Nice guys are beggars. Great guys are catches. For more dating advice, check out David Wygant's guide on how to seduce.

This is going to sound controversial, but it's got to be said: women don't like dating bad men. I know it goes against everything we've ever been told, but actually. Tips from dating experts to make your first date successful. read this blog know not to be “the nice guy” or “too nice” when meeting women. Apply these dating tips for nice guys to get out of the dreaded “friend zone” with women and get laid as much as you want to, while.

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