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Gerber paul knife dating

Kershaw Static Vs. Gerber FlatIron: Battle of the Cleaver Folding Pocket Knives at katya-love.pro

No, Gerber's Warranty Policy is like-for-like product. Is there a place I can return my Gerber for warranty repair? Currently Gerber is processing all repairs in Portland, Oregon. I returned my Gerber for warranty, how long will it take until I have my Gerber back?

My Gerber product was lost or stolen.

I've stumbled across a handful of mint Gerber Paul knives.I know Can anyone help date these and place a value on them?:confused. Poehlmann, holder of some 20 patents for locking folding knives, patented his "Axial Locking Mechanism" in ​ This was the famous Gerber Paul Model 2P, a smaller Axial Locking Mechanism Paul knife Poehlmann designed for Gerber Legendary Blades.​ Gerber Paul 2P knives were. I come across a paul knife made by gerber,didn't know anything about it or have ever saw one before, but i liked the looks of it so i bought it for.

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