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How to remove date stamp from nikon d3100

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Yes it is possible with the help of Photoshop software; 'patch tool', 'clone stamp' can be used to easily remove the date stamp if the stamp is in a rather plain area​. Nikon's instruction manual told me there is no way to remove them from Best way to remove a date stamp is to not put it on the picture in the. Is there a way to add the date stamp on top of the picture before sending it to print​? Thanks Nikon D Nikon Z50 Sigma mm F EX DC OS HSM Nikon AF-S Nikkor mm F4G ED VR Sigma hide signature

I would like to remove this time stamps. You cannot simply "remove" pixels from an image, you can only "replace" pixels of one colour with pixels of another. If you plan a batch operation then I assume you're are asking to replace the area containing the time stamp with a rectangular block of some colour. Another option would be to crop every image to exclude the timestamp from the resulting file.

You might be able to develop a script that would implement a simplistic bleeding of the colours surrounding the time stamp into the area occupied by the timestamp, but such an approach would create a very blurry mess likely to make the resulting image unacceptable.

If you hoped to magically blend out the timestamp replacing it with the colours that would have been there had the camera not added the timestamp, then forget it. If the time stamp is always the same colour and in the same place, the script could select that colour, grow the selection a bit, then intersect the selection with a rectangle to limit it to the zone where the numbers appear.