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Mongolia date of independence

Mongolian Revolution 1911-21, 3 Minute History

Inthe Khyagta talks took place between China, Russia, and Mongolia in order to discuss the political status of Mongolia. The Khyagta meetings resulted in the decision to split Outer and Inner Mongolia and give them limited autonomy under Chinese rule. Inwith the distraction of the Russian revolution, the Chinese returned to Mongolia and forcefully occupied the capital city.

The Mongolian government was required to sign a document that forfeited their autonomous status. Once again, Mongolia looked to Russian Bolsheviks for assistance.

The Outer Mongolian Revolution took place inwith the assistance of Soviet troops to overtake Ulaanbaatar from the Chinese. From untilMongolia worked to establish a new government and finalized this with its constitution on November 26, Many of them thought of Mongolian Independence Day as a day off from work to be with their mongolia date of independence and friends.

Amber Barger is currently serving as a Kiva Fellow in Mongolia.

National Independence Day is celebrated in Mongolia on December National Independence Day in Mongolia Date in the current year: December 29,​.